"Easy" is not a word often associated with building a home, but every step of this process with Lone Star Custom Homes was just that. We worked with a wonderful design team that not only helped with colors and fixtures, but also helped us watch our budget. When we asked for something that could be considered an "add on," Jay and his team were always quick to find something else that we could save on and make up the difference. The custom ideas that we had for the home were always approached with enthusiasm and a "make it work" attitude. Jay and his team kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. Everyone working on the home was always careful to make sure we were getting exaclty what we wanted. We could not be happier with our new home and experience of working with Lone Star Custom Homes.
                                                                                               Casey and Amy Lauterbach

     We absolutely love our new house!. My husband and I did a lot of research on new homes and builders in the area and we had already had a bad experience with a builder from our first house. When we called Jay, he himself actually answered the phone, and when we wanted to look at houses a hundred times, he was always there to open the door for us. Now we are in our dream home and it's gorgeous and unique. There are always little quirky things that happen with a new house and Jay & Rob are always there to answer your call or walking around the neighborhood checking things out. We not only bought our dream house from Lone Star Custom Homes, but we got our dream home and dependable neighbors.

                                                                                                Jonathan, Amanda & Rafe Ross

       My husband and I recently moved in our new house built by Lonestar Custom Homes. We're very pleased with our new home and with our experience with Jay Strickland and his crew. We found a house plan online that Jay altered and customized for us. Jay and his crew (especially Tony) were helpful with suggestions, easy to communicate with, and quick to respond to any questions we had. We happily recommend Lonestar Custom Homes to others desiring to build their custom home!

                                                                                              Jan Keith

       This is the first house that we absolutely love everything about. They pay attention to the details. If you have a problem, they always get to you. This neighborhood is awesome!!!! Its quiet and exciting!!! Neighborhood fireworks July 4th!!!     Thanks to Jay and the Lone Star Custom Homes Company.
                                                                                                  Michael Rhodes

         Lone Star Custom Homes not only exemplifies why they are one of the premier builders in the area by producing homes of true custom quality and beauty, they do it in a friendly manner always making sure every detail is that which is desired. I couldn't be happier with the entire build process and every square foot of my home! 
                                                                                                Quinlan Harris 

        We love our new home and highly recommend Lone Star Custom Homes if you are considering building a new home.  They have done a wonderful job at giving us quality workmanship in a fast and efficient manner. They have made our dreams come true and helped us stay on budget.  We have only had to say “I would like. . .” and Jay would make it happen.  We have really been impressed with the scheduling of subcontractors through this whole process.  There have been very few days when someone wasn’t working on the house.  Thank you guys for making our retirement home dream come true, you are the best!
                                                                                                   Bill & Linda Whiteman

          I bought a house from Jay & Rob in the fall of '08...this was my first house!  I had many questions and concerns, but Jay & Rob never tired of answering and explaining.  The Whole process of building a house was quite pleasant compared to horror stories I have heard from my friends.  I have been in the house for over a year now, and they still answer any questions I have being a new home owner.  I really appreciate having people that will help me even after they are finished building the house.  They take pride in, not only the homes they build, but customer satisfaction too.  If you are looking for a builder that will take care of YOU AND YOUR HOME, I highly recommend Lone Star Custom Homes.  Jay and Rob are the BEST!!!!
                                                                                                      Warren Marracino

         When I first started looking for a home in the Texarkana area, Several friends pointed me in the direction of "Copper Ridge", I was told by friends and co-workers that Lone Star Custom Homes was the best builder in town. After doing research, I went and visited there Subdivsion. After touring a few homes and seeing the details and extra's and beauty of there homes, I knew for sure whom I wanted to build my Dream Home. I met with Jay and Rob and described the type and design of my home, and they brought it to Life. Every Detail, request, change I wanted was met beyond my expectations. Every step of the process was easier then I thought and made helpful by all the people that work with Lone Star Custom Homes. As i watched my home built from start to finish the process was so smooth and easy. Today as I sit in my dream home, I can hardly believe sometimes that it all came to Life, it is way more then I ever expected , and the quality is second to none. I want to thanks Jay and Rob for all there hard work and personal attention, they made me fell like I was there only customer and there priority. I also want to thank jay's wife Amanda for helping me through the process and making things clear and understandable. Thanks again to all of you at truly the best homes builders around, Thanks Lone Star for making all my dreams come true.........
                                                                                                   Brian W. Rodeen

         Lone Star Custom Homes has exceeded our expectations in craftsmanship and their attention to customer needs.  This is evidenced by all that come to visit our home. LSCH's willingness to communicate with us during the whole construction phase was extremely reassuring to us.  With great pleasure and without any reservations, Darla and I highly recommend Lone Star Custom Homes as the "Builder of Choice", whether it is your first or next home.  Thanks Jay and Rob for your commitment to excellence in all that you do.
                                                                                                  Chris & Darla Fountain

           The thought of building our first custom home was a little scary, based off of friends who had bad experiences with building a house. We decided to investigate for ourselves. We looked into buying a new house but, we just could not find a house we were completely satisfied with, so we began to look into getting a house built. In our search for ideas, we drove through the great neighborhood of Copper Ridge. We looked in a house that Lone Star Custom Homes had just finished, we liked the all the detailed work, so I called and talked to the contractors, Jay and Rob.  It was the best thing we could have done. We thought it would be a stressful project to take on, they assured us that it would be a great learning experience, and they would make our first experience a good one. Jay and Rob kept their word. We found out that good contractors are the key to building a house. We were able to build the house that we wanted, the way we wanted. We are very satisfied and proud of our custom home.  I was so easy, we are talking about future projects, and we will be using Lone Star Custom Homes. Thanks Jay and Rob for making our first experience a great one!!!                             
                                                                                               Antoine and April Potts

           We could not be happier with our new Lone Star house or the building experience. There were no surprises; everything was on time and beautifully done. Jay and Rob could not have been easier to work with and the subs were professional, hardworking and tough in 100+ temperatures! We keep saying to each other, "We love this house!" and it's true. Thank you for building us a gorgeous home that we will enjoy for years to come!!
                                                                                           Jim and Debbie Cranford

           When Vicki and I decided to build our new house we didn’t really know any builders to use. We started asking around and found three potential builders. After talking to each of them we decided on Lone Star Custom Homes. That turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. Jay and Rob were the two easiest people we have ever worked with. I wanted someone that Vicki would feel comfortable working with. They both were very pleasant and very helpful when it came to offering suggestions. If we decided to change something, they were very eager to please. We didn’t feel like we were putting them out, when we asked to make a change. Many people say that building a house is an awful experience. I can say; we had a great experience due to the fact; we had great people to work with. If I was going to build another house, I would not think twice about who to use. Thanks Jay and Rob for making this a very pleasant experience.
                                                                                       Bruce & Vicki Mckeever

         We wanted to thank you for helping us build our new home. We really liked being able to pick our own plan and add some special things we wanted- like the window seat, a larger garage, and a larger master bedroom and laundry room. Thanks especially for your patience with me (Carol) as I made changes after realizing one decision I made affected 3 or 4 other things that I hadn't thought of.We always dreamed of having a house this nice. Thank you for making our dream come true. We have enjoyed working with you.
                                                                                      Carol & Brooks Turner

          My son, Nathan Vasher, bought me a lovely home the 1st of April, 09. I have never been so pleased and thankful in my life. Well, it comes second to the birth of my 3 sons! (smile). My family and friends are very well pleased. 
This home at 8 Copper Ridge Road is brand new and has a beautiful design and structure inside and out. Besides that, you have been just a phone call away with personable consideration of my needs. 
From the beginning, the both of you have have helped me with every request and/or question I have had about this home. Within one week's notice, you have made sure of a requested peep hole, to raising the light fixtures, to sending someone to help me understand the appliances, making sure the fixtures are of quality standards and totally coming over yourselves to set my outdoor lighting to changing light bulbs, etc. 
Always with a smile on your face, you have both done above and beyond the calling of your God's given talent to help me settle nicely in my new home. My neighbors that live in these new beautiful homes you have built are blessed, as I am, to have you as their builders. I look forward to living here a long time.      A "SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU BOTH" 
                                                                                          Monica J. Vasher

             Thank you very much for you assistance during our home buying experience. We appreciate your help during this process. I know I probably pestered you with all my questions, so thank you for being understanding, cooperative, and patient. The house loooks beautiful and we have you to thank.

                                                                                         Ashley & Kyle Derrick

              "We have no words to express what our hearts feel when we think of Lones Star Custom Homes. You guys gave us an opportunity that we had never dreamed of having--not only having a new home, but one built to our specifications. Thank you so much for all that you guys have done to allow us to have our dreams come true."
                                                                                        Robert & Stephany M.
                                                                                        Shanice, Trey, Raven, & Victor, too

              My husband and I purchased a new home from Jay and Rob and absoluteley love it! These guys are great. They pay so much attention to detail and they make sure everything is right. They take pride in their work and you can tell when you walk into each of the houses they build. They didn't even give me a hard time when I asked crazy questions!!!! If you are ready to build a great home then they are the ones for you. Thanks guys!
                                                                                       Jason & Wendy Kelley

              Thank you for our beautiful new home. It has been our dream come true. This was not the first home we built; but we must say it was the easiest, most pleasant, and fun experience all through the building process. You guys handled each and every detail of the building process. Linda and I did not have to get involved at all. Our new home was completely finished by Lone Star Custom Homes without any complications. All Linda & I had to do was move in and flip on the lights. All subcontractors were highly skilled and took pride in their work; our new home reflects this. It is perfect for us. We cannot thank you guys enough.
                                                                                    Gary & Linda Jackson

            I wanted to thank both of you for being great builders. The honesty that both of you have really shows in your work.  This is my first new home ever, I have always rented because I was afraid to venture out for a new home. The day I found my home and met with Jay I could tell Lone Star Custom Homes would stand behind their work. My home is just fabulous and I love it. The work is backed up by honest guys and that means a lot in the world today. Thanks to both of you for making my dream home come to life and for always taking care of any issues that come up. You two are the best and I would recommend your work to anyone.
                                                                                Melinda Barrington

       Thanks so much for being the builder you are. You have proven to be one of the best. As you well know, I have had bad experiences in the past with home builders and was skeptical about being involved with yet another builder. You and your company proved to be excellent in every way. Thanks so much for going beyond the call of duty to make the building of my new home a wonderful experience. The quality and workmanship of my New Home is superb. Thanks for the prompt follow-up after the sale and your continued contact with me. You and your company have restored my faith in Home builders.  Thank you again.
                                                                                Mike Hargrave M.ed.,LCDC

           I purchased a home from Lone Star in April of 09. I couldn't be happier with my home. If I ever need anything, Jay is there to address those needs promptly. I definitely would recommend Lone Star Custom Homes to anyone looking to buy or build a new home.
                                                                                Robert Cochran

         I LOVE MY NEW HOME !!! I bought my new home in October 2009.   I met with Jay in July to start the process and my home was complete in October. I was worried about building a home by myself but Jay made it very easy. I trust Jay and would recommend anyone to use Lone Star Homes. I appreciate the way Jay & Rob don’t forget you after the papers are signed. They have been there anytime I’ve needed them.
                                                                               Susie Simmons

        I was the Third House Jay and Rob built in Copper Ridge, It was actually supposed to be the spec house for the neighborhood, But Since Jay and Rob our such wonderful people they let me buy it. And since Ive lived here anything that goes wrong call them they will come fix it or have someone to fix it. Its so nice to have a... good builder who still does things for u after you buy a home..... Thanks Jay and Rob 

                                                                              Katheryn Schmidt

        We bought our home in 2008 and we are very pleased!! Everyone that is looking to buy a new home needs to make sure you look at a Lone Star Custom Home. Our Realtor Jeanine Spicer took us to 3-4 builders in the area looking a new homes in the price range we wanted and Lone Star Custom homes won hands down!! The funny part, was our home was not even finished, the other builders houses were. We could see where Jay and Robert were headed. No issues with the house and if we did call, it was taken care of, no waiting. Thanks Jay and Robert!!
Love the home and the neighborhood here in Coppers Ridge.

                                                                             Jon & Diana Jones